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    Lori Smith
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    By Lori Smith

    CISM is known as a certified information security manager. It is an advanced certification process that is designed for IT professionals. This job focuses mainly on information security management. CISM is an advanced certification process. It indicates that an individual must possess the knowledge that is required for the development and managing of an enterprise information security program. This CISM certification is offered by ISACA. It is a non-profit organization. The CISM is accredited by ANSI, which s under ISO/IEC 17024:2003. It is specially designed for those professionals who mainly focus on information security management, like mainly IT managers, information security, analysts, or consulting teams.


    A person who is specialized in the field of CISM they are expected to manage information security, develop policies, and enhances the practices. They also try to cope up with the relationship between information security and business objectives. CISM is one of the best popular certifications for IT professionals. For getting a CISM certificate, you need to have at least five years of experience in a specific domain. You also need CPE credits for continuing the certification.


    The CISM mainly focuses on the management and strategy of the companies. There are various steps that are required for being a CIMS certified person.

    Coming to the procedure of the examination, the examination has 150 questions. All the questions are multiple choices based. The examination scored ranges between 200-800. The passing score of this examination is around 450. In this exam, the pattern covers its four major domains. They are information security governance, information risk management, information security program development and management, and information security incident management.


    Coming to the CISM prerequisites, you must keep in mind that not every IT professionals can go for this certification. The aspirants who have five years of experience in information security can go for this certification. Along with that, you need to have at least three years of information security management in three or more domains. All these experiences must be gain through in a period of 10 years.


    Getting a CISM certification will definitely give you high respect in your job sector, along with that you also get a high paid salary. You can get a look boost if you get a CISM certification. The salary count of CISM is considered highest at $127,063. You get more credibility in your job sector. You get to experience, and you also get expertise in this field. Thus you get to shine always among your peers. You get to know about standard knowledge about the essential concepts. You get to know about the issues, and you can adapt the business practices in information management technologies. As a CISM certification, you get better skills and knowledge that are required for business objectives. So being in such high demand, you get many varieties of job offers that come with a high paid salary.


    When you get the certification of CISM, you get open to a wide choice; coming to the job, you get the opportunities like


    • Senior security consultant
    • Senior security engineer
    • Information security analyst
    • Digital forensic investigator
    • Security engineer
    • Auditor, internal audit
    • Cybersecurity incident commander
    • Certification and accreditation engineer
    • Information assurance/ATO SME
    • Cybersecurity control assessor
    • Compliance and security manager
    • Cyber risk security consultant
    • Cyberinfrastructure leader
    • Information security analyst
    • Senior customer trust analyst
    • Security researcher-cyber threat intelligence analyst
    • Application security engineer
    • Director, information security forensics and response
    • Certification compliance program manager
    • FedRamp program manager


    The CISM study is a difficult one, but not necessarily an impossible one. You need to work hard and need to get high quality experienced skills in this cybersecurity industry. The main thing that you need to follow is your own self-motivation. The high self-confidence and motivation you can get through this examination. You can get asses to a various online portal for studying the materials and courses. Working with others helps in developing your strength, and you can overcome your weaknesses. You get access to all the resources you can focus more on when you get the right amount of materials around you. The CISM is a powerful certification and perhaps the oldest one. It is the most respected certification by both organization and industry. So keep you learning and get your CISM certification.


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