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Jishnu Kodali UBS -How to Make Money from Real Estate

Jishnu Kodali UBS -How to Make Money from Real Estate

The Real Estate investment can be tricky for a lot of people out there says Jishnu Kodali UBS, but it is not impossible, many people enter into real estate with the purpose of making money, but it is not as easy as it looks, because making money in real estate takes time and patience. But if you do it in the right way you will always end up making money. Real estate is a very promising industry; the right strategy will always work for your goals.

Hi, I am Jishnu Kodali Slough from Jishnu Kodali UBS, and today I will tell you 5 amazing ways to make money from Real Estate.

1 Residential Rent

Residential rent is a great way to make money for a long-term period. It is one of the easiest and the common ways to make recurring income for long period. People will always need a place to live and this where the residential property takes place, you don’t need to have a big building, you just need to have your own house and some spare rooms in it, so that you can give them on rent, it will help you make passive income for a very long time.

2 Buy Property for Long-Term

It is also one of the most common ways to make money from real estate Because the value of property always gets high in the long term, thus you can make money from the value appreciation in real estate. The whole point of this is to buy property at a low or depreciated price and keep it for the long term and sell when the price increases or appreciates.

Many people still use this method in order to make money from real estate, because they find it a very easy way to earn real cash.

3 Buy a Single Family Home and Rent it

This strategy takes some investment in early-stage since you have to buy a whole new house with the purpose of rent, it out. Under this, you provide the entire house for rent, you can buy the house either on loan or with your savings, but if you buy the house on loan then make sure that your EMI should not be more than your rental income form that house, here you will have to be very careful with your rent and EMI ratio.

4 Profits from Inflation

Inflation has a great role in property appreciation, Most of the time the inflation helps to increase the land value, the only one time when it won’t increase the price of the land is the government policy, the government policy is the only factor that can affect the impact of inflation on the real estate.

If the government policy does not affect the real estate then you can earn around 8% returns per annum. Since the average inflation rate is around 8 to 10%per annum.

5 Location Developments and Improvement

Location Developments and Improvements have a great role in appreciating the value of residential and commercial properties in those locations. This ultimately helps you get more rent on rental properties and more prices on selling properties.

Conclusion- Real estate is an industry where you have to take your steps carefully and have to plan the future and make a strategy according to it. If you do these things perfectly there’s no way you will get failed.

Regards Jishnu Kodali UBS

Jishnu Kodali UBS

Jishnu Kodali UBS

Jishnu Kodali UBS is very knowledgeable about the real estate market and he was helpful in selling condos in Slough, London. He is responsive and professional.


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