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Are Shawls Elegant and Fashionable?

    Ramesh Tendulkar
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    By Ramesh Tendulkar
    Are Shawls Elegant and Fashionable?

    Shawls are something people wearing for thousands of years. In ancient civilizations, shawls were quite popular among both men and women. Initially, it was used to protect from winter; later the fashion industry has taken the opportunity to explore it. 

    Though many people think that it is an old-style to wear shawls, this is a completely wrong notion. In reality, we can say that items like Cashmere Shawls never go out of fashion. It is still very popular in the fashion industry worldwide.  

    How did Shawls become a part of the fashion industry?

    We have found the reference of shawls in different ancient mythologies. It was hugely popular among the royal members of all the famous kingdoms. The depiction of Cashmere Shawls can be found in literature and paintings.

    The shawls were considered informal wear till the 1760s. During that time, the contemporary fashion designers started taking interest in this piece of accessory. The female neoclassical dress of this time was highly influenced by the drape of ancient Greek and Roman dress. That purpose was perfectly served by royal and elegant shawls. 

    From the 1760s to the 1790s; people of Britain and France were very fond of shawls. Expensive shawls like Cashmere were worn by the upper class only. They were so much expensive that often they were treated as the family heirloom. 

    With time, various other affordable alternatives are introduced in the market. In the 19th century; various designs in a range of prices were available. Eminent designers come forward to start experimenting with the shawls. 

    Are the Shawls Still Elegant and Stylish?

    If you consider shawls as an overall accessory, then we must say that it is a classic beauty that never goes out of fashion. However, there are many varieties that come as a trend and go as well. Apart from that, the classical selections like Pashmina, Cashmere, Angora, or Silk are forever. You can flaunt the Cashmere Shawl whenever you want. 

    It is a fashionable choice for the people who want to establish their choice of fashion as elegant and classy.

    For the people who like to celebrate ethnic heritage, the shawls are the best choice for them. It does not only give a feeling of warmth but also makes you different from the crowd. 

    Now many international designer houses are working continuously on shawls to add to their design in order to represent the cultural and heritage touch in their clothing lines. 

    Why Shawls are still in fashion?

    It is very challenging to stay in the fashion industry for this long. The shawls are doing quite well in this aspect. There is quite a flexibility in the wearing style. You can wear shawls in several new ways. 

    Apart from that, there is a wide variety of material, color, style, and design available in the market. If you want to have some ethnic piece then there will be no alternative of a hand embroidery Cashmere Shawl.  
    It is one of the most attractive and popular fashion accessories that is loved by people of all generations and gender.      


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