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Residential lighting upgrade Victoria- Australia

    Austin Butler
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    By Austin Butler

    A residential lighting upgrade is being done in Victoria (Australia) under the VEU scheme. VEU( Victoria Energy Upgrade Scheme) is an energy upgrade program, in which old traditional lights are replaced with new energy-effIcient LED bulbs for absolutely free across victoria. 

    How do we replace our residential lighting?

    You do not have to go to the installers all you need to do is, get in touch with an accreted Accredited Person (AP) their companies are associated with the Victorian government for getting this installation process done all over the state.

    Are they free?

    Yes! the installation process is entirely free. The installer will come to your house to get this done professionally. 

    Why do we need to replace old lights?

    Old traditional lights consume a lot of electricity, which means you're going to pay thousands of dollars on your power bills. Bulbs like, halogen, incandescents produce tremendous heat and consume a lot of energy. On the other hand, LED bulbs are extremely energy-efficient, they last longer as well as environmentally friendly. 



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