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Top 5 Real Estate Related Trends to Keep In View By Jishnu Kodali

    Jishnu Kodali UBS
    Top 5 Real Estate Related Trends to Keep In View By Jishnu Kodali

    According to Jishnu Kodali Real Estate has been a very dynamic industry. As we all have seen in the past that there are a lot of ups and downs in this industry. The graph of this industry never constantly rose up. Because this is the only industry that has to face a lot of circumstances whether it’s government policies for poor people or the demand on the market. And the live example is the Coronavirus or covid19 pandemic. As you can see it has impacted the entire economic system, and so real estate. The real estate demand has gone down. Because the majority of the people have stopped investing or buying or selling their properties which lead the real estate market to the recession.

    As you can see how dynamic this industry is but there are still some trends which you should keep in view. And here are the top 5 Real Estate trends to keep in the view presented by The Jishnu Kodali UBS

    1. Buyers Will Upsize

    There are a lot of people who live in small apartments or micro-apartments. And the trend of these types of apartments is very high in big cities. But as time changing so many people love to live in the house with their families. and so many people are very optimistic about this. and the desire for larger apartments will come definitely come in trend.

    Since the population is being increased the demand for the larger apartments will increase constantly because everybody wants a living room, drawing room, a kitchen a pool in their house. Especially if they are joint family.

    2. Construction Price Will Rise

    It is a common fact that inflation will always rise. And on average, the inflation rate rises by about 6% Per Annum. If the inflation rate will rise the construction rates will automatically rise. And it will impact the real estate as well because somewhere the construction industry and real estate industry complement each other.

    As a matter of fact, before the pandemic, the construction industry was facing a shortage of skilled workers because many professionals were leaving the industry because of fear of recession. And when it will come to its boom the prices will again rise.

    3. Buyers Are Looking to Move In Ready-Made House

    The buyers are looking to move into the ready-made house because they think that house construction will be costlier plus it will be very time-consuming. People are more likely to move to such houses where they get everything ready-made like kitchen, floor, ceiling, walls, etc.

    There are two benefits of moving to a ready-made house first it will be less costly than constructing the house from the beginning, and second, it will save you time.

    4. The Internet Can Not Replace the Agents

    It is true that online apps of real estate cannot replace the real estate agents, because still, so many people like to go to agents and look for the house themselves. It not only helps in self-satisfaction but also helps you gain some knowledge of that particular area. And if talk in general we all also like to go, agents, whenever we plan to buy a house or any property.

    5. People Are More Likely To Buy On Loan

    It has been seen that a lot of people like to buy a house on a loan rather than on cash. there are several reasons behind buying a house at a loan, the very first reason is that it saves one from tax which a lot of people do not want to pay. And the second is government schemes, many a time government provides subsidies to those who have their house on loan. And we should buy a house at a loan it is far better than living on rent.

    These are the top 5 real estate trends to keep in view Thanks for Reading this.
    Jishnu Kodali

    Jishnu Kodali UBS

    Jishnu Kodali UBS

    Jishnu Kodali UBS is very knowledgeable about the real estate market and he was helpful in selling condos in Slough, London. He is responsive and professional.


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