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The Story Of john Casey IndyCar aka john Casey Boston grand Prix

Hi, I am john Casey IndyCar aka john Casey Boston Grand Prix I was born in Cambridge, MA to Irish Immigrant parents. I was the youngest of five children. I was born with mercury poisoning in my system which has caused me to live with Cystic Fibrosis and acute kidney failure and I’m deaf. As a child, I was an excellent student, I attended Boston College High school which was ground zero for priest molestation. Only 20% of my graduating class is still living as a result. I attended and graduated from Boston College with a degree in Accounting. I took a job with Deloitte Touche after college but lasted only 2 years. After that, I joined Bank of Boston as a staff accountant for another 2 years.

At age 22, I john Casey IndyCar witnessed the murder of a young black man named Ricky Williams by a white man. In 1987, Boston, testifying on behalf of a black man was not a popular choice so I lost most of my friends and some family as a result.

At age 25, I was recruited to join CSA Financial, a Boston based leasing company. I quickly rose to CFO and worked there for 5 years. I attended Babson College at night and earned an MBA in 1991. I got married in 1987 and got very sick in 1999 which landed me in the hospital for 5 months as a result of a spike in mercury poisoning. I was granted a lifetime disability but chose to go back to work instead.

After CSA, I john Casey IndyCar joined First City Acceptance for 3 years until I quit in 1995. I joined USTrust bank in 1996 and remained until 2001 where I was division head of the equipment leasing dept. I had 2 sons born, one in 1996, the other in 1998.

In 2001, I joined Sterling National bank out of New York City as a business development officer. I stayed there until I founded Laser Leasing, Inc in 2004. I remained at Laser Leasing Inc until it dissolved in 2016. In 2015, I was asked to join the Boston Grand Prix as a financial consultant as I knew nothing about auto racing. I quickly rose to the top and was asked to take over the project by the MA governor and Boston mayor as my predecessor was incompetent. The event failed because the City of Boston failed to identify and procure the necessary permits required to make the event happen.

I made the tragic mistake of telling the press the truth and I got persecuted because politicians can never be blamed for anything so I was. During my tenure at the Boston Grand Prix, I approached the FBI because I was being extorted by politicians and union officials. I agreed to wear a wire for several months. Most of the city and state officials would have been indicted but someone in the US AG office leaked my cooperation and “lobbyists” from the teamster union came to my house and encouraged me to stop cooperating.

Now that I john Casey IndyCar was low hanging fruit and vulnerable. people took advantage. A close friend whom I loaned $100,000 got a restraining order against me because I was trying to get her to pay me back. Reporters followed me around everywhere looking for the big story that was in my head. One time a Boston Herald Photographer claimed I kicked her inside the courthouse. I was arrested for assault. I asked my attorney to get a copy of the surveillance video but the courthouse said it was mysteriously erased.

I was hit with a gun charge when my son drove his shotgun up from Virginia in his car. I took the rap since my son was an NCAA athlete and it would have ruined his life.

I have been working on new laser technology for the past 4 years and keeping my head down.

john Casey IndyCar

john Casey IndyCar

Hi, I am john Casey IndyCar aka john Casey Boston grand Prix I was born in Cambridge, MA to Irish Immigrant parents


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