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How important is Site Audit in generating a large Ad revenue?

The world of ads is rapidly evolving, becoming highly competitive, and more user-centric. A large number of ad publishers are emerging out, playing their cards in the AdOps horizon, and, in turn, raising the competition bar.

Often, publishers complain that the advertisements are not yielding up to the expectations, and the ad revenue is not going considerably upwards. This might be a case if the site is not performing well on certain parameters to achieve a large conversion rate. If so, then what are the underlying problems? And, how to churn larger ad revenue?

To find the answers to all these questions, and precisely highlight all the problems, a meaningful site audit can help. Let us look at what all can an audit does.

  1. Loading Time Delay
    Even before exploring the websites, visitors tend to return disappointing, if the ads are causing a delay for the landing page to load fully. To generate even more revenue, sometimes the publishers invite multiple tags from many advertisers, which further slows down the web-page.
    With proper site audits, the publishers can realize their accurate site performance, and find an equilibrium between the number of advertisements on a web-page, and the landing page loading time.
  2. Detecting Technical Faults
    No matter how fantastic your website is, even a small technical fault can spill water over all your efforts.
    Some conditions are to be met with by the website for better search engine visibility and crawling. Failing this, there is a chance that your site receives lesser traffic or a larger bounce rate, and eventually, lesser ad revenue.
    In this scenario, a technical audit of your website picks up all the technical faults or loopholes, for you to take suitable eradicating actions.
  3. SEO and Content Audits
    For efficient search engine ranking, your website content needs to have ample backlinks and suitable SEO keywords. Beyond these, there can be a variety of insights to largely focus on. For instance, some insightful details as, which tone of the content is working best, what is the traffic behavior, how well-optimized are the images and videos, help focus on the right aspects, strengthen them, and attract huge traffics.
  4. Targeting the Right Audience
    Audits can also help in ad optimization, which can benefit both the advertiser and the publisher. Through a correct analysis of what type of ad works best with which audience, can help you in achieving a successful ad campaign.

All in all, site audits, under the supervision of experts, like Adapex, are essential to remove all the faults from your website and provide meaningful insights about the visitors, which is all that is required for an ad publisher to succeed and skyrocket the revenue.


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