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Clown Loach Basic Information

    Francis Sukin
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    By Francis Sukin
    Clown Loach in Planted Aquarium

    The Clown Loach  is one of the most beautifully colored and patterned of all the freshwater fish. Its scientific name is Chromobotia macracanthus. Clown Loach is loved for its bright colors and is one of the more outgoing loach personalities.This very popular fish is also known as the Tiger Loach.


    This handsome "tiger loach" has a bright orangish to reddish body and three broad jet black vertical bars. One bar passes through the eye, the next is located just in front of the dorsal fin, and the third starts at front of the dorsal fin and goes back to the base of the tail. It also has a bright to deep red coloring on the front fins and tail. All together this vibrant, complimentary color combination makes it an extremely striking fish. They are most colorful when they are young however, and do become a bit less brilliant as a larger fish.

    This fish will need a good sized tank as an adult because in the aquarium a Clown Loach can grow up to about 6 1/2 to 8 inches (16-20 cm) long. The word "macracanthus" stands for "big spine", and as this name suggests they have a pre orbital spine that is quite large. Being pre orbital means the spine is located in the area under and in front of the eyes. It makes an effective defensive weapon. They also have four barbels in the mouth area, and have been known to make audible clicking sounds.

    The Clown Loach likes an aquarium with lots of plants and other areas for retreat. For the most part they are a shy bottom dweller, but unlike many loaches this Tiger Loach is active during the day. Once they are secure in their environment they can even become quite tame. They like the company of their own species and can also be kept with other fish. Clown Loaches are fairly easy to keep, but they are prone to ich.

    Clown Loaches with Tank Mates

    Posted: June 19, 2020, 6:12 pm


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