LED Bulbs save 80% On Your Electricity Bills.

    Austin Butler
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    By Austin Butler
    LED Bulbs save 80% On Your Electricity Bills.

    A judgment between incandescent and energy-efficient bulb that will rock the world. LED bulbs are extremely energy efficient as compared to any other lighting bulb. Victorian government is replacing old bulbs with new energy efficient LED bulbs, and this process will work under the VEU (Victoria energy upgrade). Many people have taken the advantage of this scheme and lot more to be benefited.


     What type of lights do you replace?

    1. Incandescent bulbs (Bayonet & Edison)
    2. Halogen bulbs (Bayonet & Edison)
    3. Candle lights (Bayonet & Edison)
    4. CFLs (Bayonet & Edison)
    5. Halogen down lights (Bayonet & Edison)

    VEU is an initiative by the Victorian government. However, the upgrades are performed by Accredited Providers (APs) authorized by the Essential Services Commission (ESC). The ultimate goal of the state government is to achieve energy efficiency targets through energy-efficient LED lighting installation in association with APs.


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