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Types of African Lovebirds Breeds

    Francis Sukin
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    By Francis Sukin
    Types of African lovebirds Breeds
    Lovebirds are charming little birds from parrots species. Lovebirds has been kept as pets for over decades. Lovebirds are categorized by their color and patterns. There are about 9 species of these colorful, stocky little birds. Lovebirds breeders has developed colorful variety of birds through captative breeds. Lovebirds are lively flyers and climbers, and as pets they are enjoyed for these antics as much as they are enjoyed for their beauty and their affectionate displays to their mate. 
    Most common types of Lovebirds 
    • Abyssinian Lovebird Black 
    • Masked Lovebird 
    • Blue Masked Lovebird 
    • Dutch Blue Lovebird 
    • Fischer Lovebird 
    • Lutino Lovebird 
    • Peach-faced Lovebird 
    Nativity of Lovebirds are basically from Africa. Its also called as African love birds. Lovebirds lives in flocks and size of the flock varies with each species. Lovebirds will often pair up within the flock and hangs around together fore ever. There love and affection towards their pair grabbed their name Lovebirds.

    Posted: May 6, 2020, 3:58 pm


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