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Bengal Loach - Queen Loaches - Scarf Botia

    Francis Sukin
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    By Francis Sukin
    Bengal Loach - Queen - Scarf Botia

    Bengal Loach is also called as Queen Loach. Its scientific name is Scarf Botia. Its majestic and grand look gets its name as Queesn Loach. Bengal Loach is basically found in Indian rivers and Bangladesh Streams.The Botia dario has slanted and rounded head, and is 8 to 10 marking around the body.


    Scientific NameScarf Botia   
    Common NameBengal Loach   
     Family Cobitidae
     Species Dario
     Experience Level Intermediate  
     Size of  Bengal Loach 6cm - 15cm 
     Minimum Tank Size 30gal (135liters)
     Temperament   Peaceful
     Recommended pH range 6.5 - 7.5                
     Temperature     23°C - 28 °C (73°F - 83°F)
     Water Hardness(dGH) 8°N - 12°N (142.86ppm - 214.29ppm)    
     Life Span     5 - 8 years
     Substrate Type Sand/Gravel Mix
     Lighting Needs Low Lighting
     Fish Swims Bottom Levels

    Bengal loaches are a social fish so do better in small groups. The substrate should be rounded gravel or fine sand to protect their barbel. Like most scale less fish they are prone to white spot so the keeper needs to be observant when housing this species. Hiding places should be added to the tank to prevent shyness and once settled in they should be active all of the time. 

     Foods and Feeding 
     Bengal loach generally eat all kinds of live foods, frozen foods, flake and pellets. Feed brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, tubifex, daphnia, and some vegetable foods such as algae wafers. It is also good to feed then cucumber, melons and blanched spinach. Queen loaches will also eat snails. 
     There are no visible differences between the Male Bengal Loach and Female; it is believed that the females may be plumper when become adult, but yet to be proven. Breeding Bengal Loach will breed in wild but there are no reported cases of Bengal Loach breeding in the aquarium. Wild like setup in aquarium may help the queen loach to breed make a try.

    Posted: May 6, 2020, 5:40 am


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