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Latest News and Upcoming Matches

Latest News and Upcoming Matches



India -  New Zealand Match Canceled Due to Rain

The anticipated match between India and New Zealand was canceled due to rain. This game was to decide who the top team should be since both are still undefeated. This is the fourth game affected by rain. Earlier in the tournament, Sri Lanka’s matches against Pakistan and Bangladesh were both canceled due to rain while South Africa’s game against West Indies was suspended due to rain.

Virat Kohli said in a post-match press conference that the decision to not play right given the weather. He said, “one point is not a bad thing for sides that have won all their games so far.”

Bail Issues

There have been five instances in the ongoing ICC World Cup where the stumps were hit but the bails didn’t fall. The most recent one happened in India’s match against defending world champions’ Australia. Jasprit Bumrah hit David Warner’s leg stump, causing the bails to light up but not fall.

Virat Kohli said that incidents like these aren’t something you would expect at an international event. He said that “you literally have to smash the stumps really hard to knock them out. These are fast bowlers; these are not medium-pace bowlers.” Even Australian Captain Aaron Finch agrees on this view with the Men in Blue.

ODI 19: England vs West Indies

England is going to face West Indies on June 14. In their recent 12 matches, West Indies won 4, England won 7, and one match was abandoned due to rain.

ODI 22: India vs Pakistan

India is going to face their long-time rivals on June 16. In their previous matches, Pakistan has won more games than India.

Betting Tips

This information could help you when placing a bet. Issues such as rain or the bails not falling could have an impact on future games, as well as a team’s performance in previous games. It would be best to read about such things because it could affect a game’s outcome and your bet.

Another helpful tip would be to hedge your bets. This is when you place a bet on multiple outcomes to raise the chances of making a larger profit.


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