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Man of Steel(2013) Imax 3D – Movie Review

Hollywood Studios seem to have found a formula to mint money, which is to make movies based on comic book superheroes. In the past, Hollywood had produced many Superhero movies, but the success of Spider-Man changed the way Hollywood looks at these films. Suddenly Hollywood realized wasting time in creating new action blockbusters is futile, when they can just use comic book characters which already have huge fan base and audiences who will readily shell out money to watch this.

Henry Cavill in Man of SteelWarner Brothers is one of those studios which have had a great run with franchisees like Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and The Dark Knight, but they do not have anything at the moment which can be termed as franchise material. With a budget of 225 Million Usd, they are hoping to get back on track with Superman, which if successful will give them opportunity to make the Justice League movies. Things have not been going well for Warner Brothers with Hangover Three   not performing as per their expectations. The last few Hits of Warner Brothers such as The Hangover Series and The Dark Knight franchise have been co-produced by Legendary Pictures. The question remains can Man of Steel prove to be biggest film ever for Warner Brothers?

The Logo of Superman, is one of the most widely known and recognised logos across the globe.  Some may feel the character is boring, because he has no weaknesses or moral ambiguity like Spider-man or Batman, but that in my view is what makes Superman adorable and revered, that is why he is named SUPERMAN, THE Super in the name denotes why he is superior to us.

If you look closely Superman and Lord Krishna share a same pattern of History, both of them are sent to another place by their parents to protect them from evil, they grow up in a small town. The foster parents realising that the child is a special child and in turn the child saves the world are elements that are similar to the tales of Superman as well as Lord Krishna.

The movie begins with Krypton, but as with all big budget Hollywood films we have extended scenes of the planet depicted with more of a bang. We see Clark Kent working in a rig and how he saves the life of his co-workers during a fire accident. Clark Kent is a drifter who is yet to discover the purpose of life; he is always on the go. We are introduced to his childhood days in a non linear way, when Lois Lane tries to figure out the mystery man who saved her life and disappeared.

Meanwhile Clark Kent discovers why he was sent to Earth. General Zod who earlier killed his father, comes to know that Kal-El is somewhere on Earth. General Zod wants to breathe new life into Krypton, which can only be achieved through annihilation of Earth.

Clark Kent now has to save the world, to which he does not Belong and People who think he is not their savior but an Alien who will cause problem to them.

Clark Kent in Man of SteelIf you look closely you can find references to the current American Political Scenario in the Film, General Zod is actually not a villain in true sense, as he declares in the end he did things because he wanted to save his people.  This is very similar to the American president claiming how Drone attacks are helpful in keeping America safer, even though a majority of civilians have been killed In Drone Attacks by USA?? The recent backlash among a certain section of media against Edward Snowden and the hurry in which a certain section of the media want to portray Edward as a traitor is something similar to what Clark Kent faces when he is declared as enemy by the USA government.

One of the major letdowns for me was the screenplay which gave me a feeling of Déjà Vu, the car scene of Clark before Jonathan dies is similar to Peter Parker arguing with his Uncle Ben just before death of Uncle Ben.

Michael Shannon as General Zod in Man of SteelOn the acting front, Russell Crowe as Father of Superman has an extended cameo;   I felt an actor of such immense talent was wasted in such a minuscule role. Kevin Costner has some of the best scenes in the movie, no wonder those few scenes are one of the strong points of the film. Diane Lane as Martha Kent for me was the best performance by any actor in this movie. Amy Adams is just about okay with her role of Lois Lane, but you cannot blame her for such a badly written role. Henry Cavill in the role of Superman is just about okay; I felt the younger actors did a better job than him. Michael Shannon as General Zod excels, his acting is so good that whenever he and Henry appears we as audience are never interested in Henry.

The CGI overloaded action scenes gets boring after a while, how many times we will have to see buildings collapsing, it has become a thumb rule that in the last 15 minutes of the film you need to blow so many things, but it looks repetitive film after film. Zack Snyder as a director has visual flair, but somehow he lacks the ability to bring soul to the movie.  It happened with Sucker Punch and also with this film.

Come on!  How can Superman not wear a Red Underwear, which for me was a cardinal Sin and could have been easily avoided? The problem with depiction of the fictional city of Metropolis is that it lacks the character or identification like city of New York in Marvel Comics.

Man of SteelThose product placements during the fights like Sears, 7-11 and IHOP are just eye sores.

Sadly this SUPERMAN does not fly enough, it does not get into darker zone or grey area like Batman Franchise nor does it have the charm of the first ever Superman film directed by Richard Donner .


The satellite shown towards Climax has Logo of Wayne Enterprise.

In one of the Fight Scene, you can see sign of Lexcrop in background.

In my view if you want to watch the Classic Superman movie, then Richard Donner’s movie is what you should watch. Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns was much more brilliant and layered movie than this reboot version.

By: Cinemausher
Posted: June 15, 2013, 6:26 pm


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