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Remaining Anchored in the Presence of the Unexpected

Remaining Anchored in the Presence of the Unexpected

April 22, 2013


Julie Redstone


Beloved Ones,


During the last week several upsetting and unexpected events took place, all of which are part of the process of intensifying global purification. This process which is happening on both individual and collective levels is well underway, and so it may lead to events that were not predictable or predicted as energies are released and the separation of light and darkness takes place.


In the presence of this great transition, it is important to hold in mind and heart three spiritual principles of light:


1. That what is far is near, that is, that what is happening to individuals, groups, or nations far away is intimately connected with one's own life both energetically and in terms of its consequences or impact. Therefore, one must open the heart to all, even to those in distant lands, even to the stranger one does not know.


2. That one must learn to integrate shock when the unexpected occurs, to hold it in God and with God. What this means is being able to trust God's love no matter what is happening, and to continually remain aligned with trust in that love.


3. That what appears to be an intractable or unchanging situation in which no movement forward seems to be taking place, often contains movement beneath the surface of things, movement of light that is gaining strength that has not yet manifested. The practice here involves anchoring in the belief that light is stronger than darkness and that no situation is truly intractable to the forces of light.


These three principles must be held tightly in one's mind and heart, especially in the presence of the unexpected, for they are anchorpoints that create a deeper connection with the Divine understanding of one's own soul, and they prevent the tide of emotion from sweeping one away when difficulties arise.


All blessings to you, beloved ones, for the light is always with you. Julie


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