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Trust (2010) Movie Review: Topical and Relevant

Internet is one of the best things that has happened to humanity after the invention of vaccination. In fact this website (MAM) is an example how internet can help people from various areas which includes a small town boy like me to someone from USA to write and talk about movies here. In a country like India, rise of social media has given rise to so many whirlwind romances in India, where otherwise apart from Metros free interaction between opposite genders of same age is not only impossible, but also looked down upon. We have seen cases like Adnan Patrawala where people have blamed Social Media for death. But as  Mr. Rzykruski  says“ Science is not good or bad, Victor. But it can be used both ways. That is why you must always be careful.

Charlie meeting Annie for first time at Mall

The movie begins with an online chat between 14 year old Annie (Liana Liberato) and her chat friend Charlie, who is also in a high school like her, even though she has not meet her it seems to her that he is her best friend. The chats soon turn into late night calls.Soon Charlie confesses that he is not in High School but in College, which upsets Annie but then she overlooks this as one small lie and continues to talk with Charlie. Eventually she agrees to meet Charlie in a mall, but to her distress she discovers Charlie(Chris Henry) is much older to her and is in his 30’s.But Charlie is suave and a smooth talker and seems to understand her feelings, her confusions about her life and identity, her inferiority complex with her body like every teen. Another scene which highlights the teen’s urge to communication is when Annie’s elder brother say he will tweet to keep in touch. Now we are a generation which has so many devices to communicate but we seem to talk lesser and lesser with our friends or family. But after their rendezvous, Charlie does not pick up her calls nor text her, soon her best friend discovers what happened with Charlie and Annie.She informs this to the school principal who informs the police.

The immensely talented Viola Davis who won an Oscar Nomination in 2008 for her 11 minute performance in Doubt

Now this is where the movie gets interesting and disturbing for me. Most of us tend to look into rape just as crime of sexual perversion and not crime of violence. Our first question when we read reports of Rape is not about the crime or preparatory of ghastly crime. But our questions are always what was the Victim survivor  doing at that time, was she drunk or not what was she wearing, did she resist or not, did she call out for help, it is like we as society think if the girl did not resist or put a fight how can that be rape.

Coming back to the movie, we soon learn that rape is the not the only bad thing that can happen to Victim survivor , the aftermath of it can be more traumatic for the Victim survivor .

A scene from Trust

While she has to come to terms with fact that she has been betrayed by her best friend, she realises that Charlie may be not be the man of her dreams and may not have loved her at all. She soon realises that things will not be the same and that she has to deal with them in her own way .More importantly she has to deal with the fact that her privacy will be intruded by Government agencies like FBI, her parents and extended family who try to judge her based on one single incident.

The movie focuses on Annie’s father Will (Clive Owen) who is angry with the incident and it consumes his personal life, he is unable to come with facts with his daughter has been raped and her early exposure to sex. Instead of supporting his daughter he is consumed by rage and anger at his inability to prevent the incident.

In the end, movie does not offer any easy solutions to various issues like convoluted problem of rape ,how easily children can fall into traps of pedophiles, the increasing indulgence in sex by teens, the pressure for teens to be an all rounder i.e to do well in studies, sports and look good. In the end we have to realize that rapists are part of society and that they do not come with horns, so that we can spot them. They can be  someone whom you know and may respect.

The important message that the movie underlines is that rape is not about sex, but more to do with power, the sooner we understand this the better for us as a society,

It is high time, that as society we remove the association of stigma with rape Victim survivor , it is the accused who should be blamed and feel guilty and not the Victim survivor .

But then I guess we still have a long way to go. The Supreme Court in 2009  based on the infamous and unscientific Two Finger Test found “a woman of easy virtue” and declared she was habituated to sex. It is as if women who have sexual intercourse cannot be raped; if you are wondering what was the age of Victim survivor , she was a thirteen year old kid.

Liana Liberato who was a minor during the shoot of Trust gives an Oscar worthy performance

Of the cast, Clive Owen plays the role of the doting father, who undergoes a gamut of emotions exceedingly well. Catherine Keener plays the role of mother who does not have much scope but it’s her sheer acting ability which makes the character believable and you wish you had a mother like her or a wife like her. In a brief but very effective role Viola Davis as the therapist to Annie is one of the best written characters role and she devours it with relish. Chris Henry brings an air of freshness to his role, even though it is an out and out black character, he plays it so convincingly that you wish that he never talks to your children online. The Trust relies completely on Liana Liberato who was a minor during the shoot of the Trust. There is something in her acting which is not artificial and so natural and pristine . Easily one of the best performance from an under 18 actor in American films in recent times.

This is David Schwimmer’s  second directorial effort after the British Comedy Run Fatboy Run. What makes this more interesting is that it tackles a subject which many of us dismiss it as just another statistics or news headline thinking it may never happen to us or our close ones. David does not offer us cinematic solution like vengeance. He does not take the easy way out by focusing on crime, rather it’s aftermath which can be more dangerous to the Victim survivor .










By: Cinemausher
Posted: April 25, 2013, 3:12 pm


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