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O wilted leaf!

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    By Aloysius
    O earthly creature how much time do you have?
    Are you even conscious of what you are doing?
    Do you just walk by me and see nothing?
    Have you become so busy or have i become so redundant?
    Didn't you look at me a few months ago and say how beautiful I was?
    Did you forget that you will be there one day?

    O leaf, I didn't notice you at first glance,
    My life too busy and my head filled with thoughts.
    Yes I remember how beautiful you were and I am sorry that you are now becoming dust.
    I am aware that one day I would go though the same process.

    But that does not mean I should not live life to the fullest;
    Exploring my way into the world, leaving behind some and taking some along,
    Thoughts and friends can never promise to come along.
    Because the place I wish to go, is too far and mysterious;
    where friends could get hurt and thoughts could haunt me.
    Life is a river, it never sees the same land twice,
    even if does its not the same anymore.
    Everything has changed and all my sign post gone.
    I would have love to say hi to old friends,
    But all have strolled on, there is no time to say good bye.

    O leaf, there is still hope, you become a part of the dust,
    You will get back into a tree and become a new leaf,
    We will meet again one day, and say a hi;
    We will not be the same but I will recognize you
    And you will know me,
    Lets not until that fleeting moment yearn for each other
    As life flows on and we will be friends for ever.

    By: Crazy Aloysius
    Posted: July 25, 2017, 2:24 pm


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    0/5 (0 votes)