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Catering Can Shake Up Your Cocktail Party

    Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli
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    If there is one event that is all about the beverages, it is a cocktail party. Whether you are serving margaritas or mojitos, it is typical to find a lot of drinking and very little eating at a cocktail party or after work happy hour. While we are certainly in favor of kicking back with a sloe gin fizz or dark and stormy this summer, it seems people are ignoring the benefits of providing food options and catering at your cocktail-inspired events.


    A quick Google search of catering near me in Philadelphia is sure to provide some excellent options for your next cocktail party. At Waterfront Gourmet Catering & Events, we provide some of Philadelphia’s best catering for any event on your summer calendar.

    Food and Drink Complement One Another
    There is a reason people are particular about wine. In part, it is because wine is complex and boundless. There is a range of natural flavor profiles and tones found in wine that cannot be replicated in other drinks. The other part of the equation is a specific wine will enhance the flavor of food, and vice versa. Other combinations of food and beverage do the same thing.

    When you provide the right catering menu at your cocktail party, it can make your choice of drinks taste better. Of course, you need to provide the right menu options to pull this off. It is beneficial to talk with a catering and Event Company about what food goes well with your selected drinks. A good company will be able to provide specific recommendations that shake up your cocktail hour.

    Slow Down the Drinking
    The best and worst part about cocktail parties is the entire event revolves around drinks and conversation. That can lead to some wonderful memories, but also a few too many drinks. While most of your guests will recognize the cocktail party is a marathon, not a sprint through their alcoholic beverages, other guests will not realize how much they had to drink. Not only can this lead to embarrassing interactions for your guests, but it can also ruin the atmosphere of your event.

    Catering is a great, and unnoticeable, intervention. Guests will take time out from sipping a martini to grab a wrap, sandwich, bit of salad, or appetizer. In between conversations, food provides an alternative besides heading back to the bar, and food gives your guests something else to focus on while mingling.

    Food Goes with a Theme
    Cuisine, like drinks, is closely tied to a particular culture or location. For example, people automatically associate tacos with Mexico, pasta with Italy, and satay with Indonesia. Whether your guests have traveled to that location or not, if you are truly going all out and decorating your cocktail party for a particular theme, then catering is an excellent way to pull everything together.

    Even when your cocktail party or happy hour doesn’t have a set theme, the drinks and catering you choose are a subtle hint at your inspiration for the party. For instance, champagne and cosmos on the veranda are a perfect time to serve delicate finger food and easy to eat appetizers. Both the choice of beverage and food options adds class, sophistication, and glamor to the event.

    Calling a Caterer
    When you are ready to spice up your next cocktail hour with some great food, make sure you discuss with the caterer the type of event and your expectations for a menu. As you are not serving a full meal, there is no need to go overboard with the amount of food you provide. There won’t be a need to search “catering near me” anymore! At Waterfront Gourmet, we can help you find the perfect menu for your next boozy bash!


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