Luis Perez Companc — Biorally

Luis Perez Companc — Biorally

Luis Perez Companc was a rally driver and is the son of Gregorio Pérez Companc. Together with his co-driver José María Volta, he was a regular competitor in the World Rally Championship. Luis Perez Companc is one of the first Argentine riders to complete the Dakar .


Companc initially competed in the world series, through production of the car based on the category of Group N. Participated in its first championship in 2001, and then won the Argentine Rally Championship in 2005. Its profile increased for the season Of 2006, when it occupied a place in the equipment Stobart VK M-Sport Ford newly formed along with the adolescent Matthew Wilson, son of Malcolm Wilson, the head of the equipment Stobart VK and of Blue Oval. This participation was fundamental to win the Manufacturers World Title that year.

After initially participating in the early rally seasons with the Ford Focus RS WRC, both Luis Perez Companc and Wilson would finally be commissioned with copies of the 2006 championship car, a provision that persisted through to the 2007 season. On board Of Focus, Companc competed in eight rallies in all of 2006.

While planning ten rounds for the following year, he got his first WRC points in the 2006 New Zealand Rally. The 2007 Companc team, the Munchi’s Ford World Rally team opted to match him with his native teammate, Juan Pablo Raies , Which was in turn co-led by Perez Companc’s brother Jorge. When Raies was replaced in the Munchi’s Argentina post-rally line-up by Federico Villagra, winner of that rally in Group N, Jorge Pérez Companc continued his co-driver duties in the second car, with the exception of the Rally Japan , When Villagra was co-led by José Díaz.

In 2007 achieved a historic position for the Argentine rally in the WRC of Japan

In 2008, Luis Perez Companc would switch to sports car racing, driving a Ferrari F430 Advanced Engineering in the FIA ​​GT Championship, while competing in selected WRC events for the Munchi’s team, its last rally being that of Finland.

One can highlight the fabulous work of the Argentine driver in the Rally of Japan and the Rally of Cyprus. And in many other experiences in which the Argentine racer was the protagonist of many races.
One of the milestones of Pérez Companc was to have won in five times the circuit of the apple rally. Winning it in the historic test that came out victorious of the 40th edition of this Rally.

Luis Perez Companc always and at all times emphasized that in the Vuelta de la Manzana felt a local more. It ratified when it confirmed its presence in the forty edition of the legendary test. His current status shows him participating in the GT World Cup and his resolution to return becomes more relevant.

Now Perez Companc will try to give an extra attraction to the passionate ones with a car that handled in the World-wide one.

Once again the Argentine rally will have a World Rally Car (WRC) and will be nothing less than the Ford Focus WRC08 that Perez Companc used in his last World Cup raid.

Moreover, it will arrive with the whole Munchi’s team for your assistance. He will have José M. Volta as a shipwreck and there will be survey of the sections also, with which it is clear that his participation in the test was really taken.

The debut of Luis in the Apple was in two thousand one with a Mitsubishi Lancer, but it did not go well to him, as in two thousand two. Then came triumphs in a row. Were four nothing less and made him one of the most winning.

Of very low profile and good to hurry, which allowed him to gain the recognition of the passionate Valletanos. When Perez Companc confirmed his presence in this Apple said that “it seemed a great idea to join me in the festivities of the forty editions”.

“The public of the Apple is one of the most passionate in the Argentine rally, and the last years in which I participated with Toyota I think they enjoyed a lot of what a WRC can do,” he said.

Luis, who does not get on that car since the Finland rally two thousand eight, when he retired from the World Championship, said that “the Ford Focus is a wild car, which is going to be very entertaining for the public and also for me Be able to handle it, “he said.


Luis Perez Companc commented that “always and in every circumstance I emphasized that the Apple is the” test “of the Argentine rally. It is the test that each and every pilot first dreams of participating. And then, if you can, win it. The people who gather at each and every stretch of speed is incredible. The same as the support for the pilots. “

-What does it feel like to win an Apple?

“It’s an unspeakable sensation.” The first victory was starting with Toyota and I will never forget that moment. Basically because of the heat of the people when he passed with the car he took green reeds to Jose. I tried to give them the greatest spectacle possible walking always and in all circumstances in depth.

“Is every apple different?”

-Yes it’s correct. There is not one equal to the others. I remember both the start with the Mitsubishi and the 4 that I won with the Toyota.

“Do you feel practically local?”

“For me it was like being on the spot and I think that’s why I felt so comfortable in the test. That is why it will be a pleasure to return to Roca.

– Thanks Luis for the interview

– Thank you for your interest in the Argentine rally.

Luis Perez Companc Information

Nationality : Argentina
Date of birth: January 2, 1972
Activity: 2001–2008
Bozian Racing
Stobart Ford
Munchi’s Ford World Rally Team
Rallies : 25
First rally: Rally Argentina 2001



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