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Sometimes healthy foods can contribute to weight

Sometimes healthy foods can contribute to weight
Have tried a healthy diet but weight never go down? Looks like you should pay attention again to the food consumed. Because there are some healthy foods that actually allow you to be more fat.

In the list compiled dietitians at Tesco, there are some foods that are considered healthy but it becomes an obstacle when someone wants to lose weight. In the list mentioned among others olive oil, juice, chicken, granola, dried fruit and dried peanuts, and low-fat biscuits.

Nutritionist Catherine Matthew says people think that some fruit or vegetable smoothie contains lots of vitamins and minerals, but it is also full of sugar and there are even more sugar content than soft drinks.

"For example, a combination of pineapple, banana, and mango juice has 15.7 grams of sugar per 100 ml, almost 50 percent more than the content of soft drinks that is only 10.6 grams per 100 ml," Catherine said as quoted by Daily Mail on Thursday 4/7/2013).

The British Dietetic Association has made a 'war' against drinking juice. They caution that the fruit or vegetables that juice will lose some of the nutrients to be found in whole fruits or vegetables.

In a recent study also found that the consumption of juice in the long term can damage tooth enamel due to the acidity in the juice.

Christine says if people want to lose weight, eat high-protein foods at breakfast, such as eggs. "That tends to make you feel full longer," Catherine said. He also recommends a diet containing lots of fruits and vegetables.

"Also bring around a bottle of water to drink all day," he advised. Here's a list of healthy foods that can thwart your diet, as Tesco dietitians published:

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1. Smoothies

Smoothies may contain many vitamins and minerals that are useful for health. But, soft drinks are also loaded with sugar. Better try fresh fruit.

2. Olive oil

This oil contains unsaturated fats and is healthier than butter. Although olive oil is good for the heart, it is still oil. There are 50 calories in a teaspoon of olive oil. Try a little cooking oil instead of olive oil by spraying.

3. Honey

Honey is a natural food ingredient. But basically, honey contains a lot of original sugar whose nutrients are not too good for health. Try eating apple sauce or other sugar substitutes.

4. Juice

Drinking orange juice, cranberries, or apples is a quick way to gain weight up to 150 calories per glass. This amount is more than calories in 330 ml of soda, which is 139 calories. Better to drink water.

5. Chocolate bread

Although the color is brown, do not guarantee this bread is healthy. Better to consume wheat, wheat bread, or rye.

6. Low fat products

Many biscuits or yogurt that is claimed to contain low fat, it has more sugar content to reduce the fat content in it. Better try yogurt plain and fresh fruit.

7. Chickens

Chickens only contain meat, if the skin is removed and never try to process chicken with fried. Try the chicken by removing the skin first and then baked. Let the skin stick to the meat and process the chicken with fried, making the calories in the chicken breast to triple that is 300 calories.

8. Mix of dried fruit and beans

In some cases, a mixture of dried fruit and beans consists of nuts wrapped with salt, and fruit wrapped in sugar. Better to consume nuts that contain no salt and berries.

9. Granola

Granola is made from wheat granules and it contains many calories as well as fat. Try changing granola with bran and fresh cut fruit.

10. Wine

Probably a little wine is beneficial to health. But remember, in a large glass of wine contained 225 calories. Better, drink grape juice or white wine spritzer combined with sprite zero.


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