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Lack of motivation for diet is your biggest problem

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    By alenalbert
    Lack of motivation for diet is your biggest problem

    A recent survey revealed four out of ten people are likely to start dieting on Monday. But according to the same survey, the spirit for the diet will fade at the weekend. Why is that easy?

    Although most participants saw Monday as a good time to start a diet and live a healthy life and avoid junk food, few participants survived until Saturday or Sunday. Most of them are often tempted by a lunch or dinner out with friends over the weekend.

    Even if the participants can survive for the diet until Saturday / Sunday, the next week most likely participants will return to their old diet with the help of fat loss meal plan

    The results of a survey conducted by a British vegetarian pioneer company, Alpro to 2,000 British people also helped explain why dietary methods such as Atkins, Dukan, The Fast Diet, The Alkaline Diet, The Baby Food Diet, The Blood-Type Diet, The French Woman Diet or The Paleo Diet is not very effective for most dieters.

    Alpro also found that half of people on a dietary routine, two out of five of whom tend to stop doing it in the first seven days. One in five people can last up to a month, some are up to three months, the rest are dedicated to survive until at least six months.

    Nevertheless, researchers revealed only one of the 20 participants who are still 'faithful' with a new healthy diet until the next year.

    In more detail, researchers revealed from participants who immediately stopped dieting in the first week, one in 10 participants of whom ignored their new diet method on Tuesday. Then three of the 10 participants just stopped on Thursday. Four of the 10 participants were only able to survive until Friday.

    But participants who can only survive until Friday claim to have been so proud of their achievement because it can be a diet for five days so they often accidentally violate their diet by eating out with friends or partying.

    And only one in 10 participants stopped dieting in the first week that could last until Saturday before finally returning to their old habits or diet. Similar conditions are also experienced by participants who can survive until Sunday.

    "More and more dieters are realizing that a diet that promises big weight changes in a few weeks is not just nonsense but also difficult to follow," said diet expert from Alpro, Kate Arthur as reported by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (17/09/2013) .

    "In fact, most of these diets are so impractical and so unpleasant that we often give up in just a few days, in other words, the only way to live healthy is a balanced diet and exercise," he added.


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