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The best partners for you when doing exercise

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    By alenalbert

    Losing weight is a long process that is sometimes boring. It takes a friend who can at any time revive a slackening motivation. What and who can be friends for that purpose?

    Some things that exist in everyday life can be a motivational generator when losing weight and get faster way to fat loss . Among these are as follows, as quoted by the Daily Mail,


    For the affairs of healthy living, the influence of the couple as the nearest person no doubt. A study in the International Journal of Obesity shows that if someone participates in a weight loss program, their partners can participate in weight loss up to 3 percent in a year.


    Too much use of mobile phones does make people lazy to move, and eventually become fat. But studies in Finland show that someone who diligently messengers about weight with others, will be more successful weight loss than just exercise alone.


    A study in 2011 showed that weight loss programs would be more successful when involving co-workers to compete. Weight loss is tended to be more than just doing it alone.


    Do not underestimate the tradition of eating together with family, just do it though only once. Research shows that people who often eat together with their families have lower weight than when eating alone.


    The most can be a friend in any condition is none other than the friend itself. Including to lose weight, the presence of friends can be the best motivator that will always remind the purpose of diet and exercise is being done.


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