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Do you have similar questions on our present education system?

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    By Aloysius
    Having been inclined towards teaching form a very early age, I have only known one thing learn, write, attend exams, get good marks and move to the next level. In life, everything looks strange/ funny in retrospect. But this idea which has been stuck in my mind from the age of 11 had existed in some form or the other. Not the idea of revolutionizing education but that the Education of some sort should be a birth right. However, education system of the present form is very contentious at varied levels but it might be the best thing for a lot of people who have just been able to make a living through something or the other they have learnt.  
    As I look up my family tree most of the people in my family are teachers, including my mom and sister (at one point even my dad was teaching in a school and would help in private tuition my mom used to conduct at home). It’s fair to say that most of my childhood revolved around education and schools. In the past few years listening to people who have become mentors and a few virtual mentors through youtube, I have come to think of education at a much deeper level. At the heart of all this are very important questions;
    1. Why are degrees losing their value? 23 lakh apply for 368 peon posts in Uttar Pradesh, India
    2. Why should education be so linear? 
    3. Why aren’t we focusing on mastery?    Let's teach for mastery — not test scores
    4. Why aren’t we taught about some essential things in life?    Teach every child about food | Jamie Oliver
    5. Is the education system killing creativity and does it fail to cherish diversity? Do schools kill creativity?
    6. Are we creating psuedo-passion in young minds? And is peer pressure and social norm causing a brain drain?
    There is much to ponder and our time is running out. Either we can keep complaining or do something about it. Where do you stand? 
    How can we make education available to everyone at the same time how can we help children and young adults identify their life's calling? At the same time using the robust models of the colonial education system which has stood the test of time?

    By: Crazy Aloysius
    Posted: April 10, 2017, 6:51 am


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