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The Road To Oscars 2013 : The Predictions

This year, there isn’t one single movie like Titanic that’s going to bulldoze itself through all categories in which it has been nominated. Putting your neck on the line by predicting winners in major categories is risky, yet I’ll do it here. In fact I would encourage others to do the same by using the comments section at the bottom. Then maybe we’ll exchange notes on February 25th. Each category also includes a name who would get an Oscar if I was the lone jury member.

Foreign Language Film

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was nominated not just in this category but also under Best Picture. Up was nominated not just under Best Animated Feature but also under Best Picture. Amour this year has managed something similar. It’s not going to win Best Picture but Best Foreign Language Film is definitely in the bag. I haven’t seen the rest of the nominees so I won’t cast my vote here.

Actress in a Supporting Role

Since everyone, from the biggest critic to the smallest bookie is saying Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables, I’ll go with the same. No matter how undeserving it may be. My choice would be Helen Hunt for The Sessions. Though I feel it was a leading role and not a supporting role.

Actor in a Supporting Role

A tough category to predict as every one seems to have an equal chance. So I’ll fall back on the biopic angle and say that it’ going to be Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln. Alan Arkin has too brief a role and Christoph Waltz has already won for a similar role in Inglorious Basterds. And wasn’t it really a lead role? I would have given it to Robert DeNiro for Silver Linings Playbook.

Writing (Original Screenplay)

Since Zero Dark Thirty is likely to be trumped by Argo and Lincoln in other major categories, this is where ZDT gets a shoo-in as the other two slug it out for Adapted Screenplay. I concur.

 Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

This one is to be read with my predictions for the Best Picture category. The screenplay Oscar is often a consolation for the movie not likely to win Best Picture. Argo and Lincoln are the front runners here with Silver Linings Playbook having an outside chance. I’ll go with Argo as my guess as it’s a more screenplay driven movie. It has my personal vote too.

 Actress in a Leading Role

I have been tearing my hair out over the past few days trying to figure who bags the Oscar in this category. Jessica Chastain, Emmanuelle Riva and Jennifer Lawrence all seem to have an equal chance. But since I am obliged to choose just one, I’ll go with Emmanuelle Riva, also my personal choice. The Academy often awards it to actors just because they are old, and no one’s going to beat Riva in terms of age by far.

Actor in a Leading Role

The easiest guess of the year. When you play the eponymous role of the most American-est of Americans in a biopic directed by a director the Academy loves and when you do it well, nothing comes between you and the statuette. Daniel Day-Lewis will already have prepared his acceptance speech by now. As for me, I would rather award Denzel Washington for Flight. And if I am allowed to choose outside the nominees, I would give it to Jack Black for Bernie.



The funny part is, despite the hype and hoopla surrounding Argo, Ben Affleck has failed to secure a nomination for Directing. Why, no one knows. That only makes my job a little easier. It’s been a while since Steven Spielberg won an Oscar and the time is ripe. This will be an easy win for him. My choice would be Robert Zemeckis for Flight, even though he isn’t nominated.


Best Picture

Ever since they expanded this category to include more than five nominees, it has been reduced to a farce. First, those nominated for Directing automatically become the front runners eliminating the rest. But this year, there is a twist. Argo, for which Ben Affleck has been left in the lurch, has emerged as the movie to place your bets on. But I am going to play conservative and predict Lincoln to win Best Picture. Maybe the Academy still hasn’t given up on its biopic fixation. My personal choice, once again, is Flight.

By: Devang Ghia
Posted: February 24, 2013, 4:50 pm


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