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Selecting a Finch Cage

    Francis Sukin
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    By Francis Sukin
    White Male Zebra Finch in Cage

    Anyone who plans to keep Finches as pets, or for breeding purposes have to be mindful of the cages for finches that they select. Choosing the wrong cages for finches can be disastrous, as it can severely affect the bird’s health and well being. Choosing the wrong cages for finches may even affect the ability of the Finches to breed. Do remember that a Finch’s cage may appear to be like any other cage to you, but its purpose is to serve as the Finch’s home for the rest of it’s life. For this reason alone, you need to make sure that you make the right decision in choosing the right cages for finches that also serve as your pets!

    Consider While Buying Cages for Finches

    Certain considerations need to be made should you choose to invest in cages for finches. These considerations will make all the difference whether your pet will be happy and content in his enclosure. Remember that when your Finch is unhappy, it can affect his health, and even his ability to breed. Whether you are a Finch pet owner or a breeder, you do not want that to happen. To avoid that, take these tips when shopping for cages for finches

    1. Look for a good sized cage that allows your Finches to fly- Though Finches start out being a mere 4 inches, this doesn’t mean that they will do well in small cages. Part of a Finch’s nature is to fly, and to be able to do that inside an enclosure, sufficient space is required. Finches can actually fly for hours without tiring, so make sure that the cages for finches you select has enough room for them to do so.
    2. Take into account the species of your Finch before making the cage purchase- Different breeds of Finches behave in different ways. Some fly more horizontally, while some tend to fly more vertically. The cage that you select must take the breed into account. If you have a breed that tends to fly horizontally, then your Finch enclosure needs to be wider, instead of taller.
    3. Don’t forget to check the bar space- The last thing you need are your Finches escaping and flying away. This is why you want to make sure that the spaces between the bars of the cage are not wide enough for your Finches to fit through.
    4. Take into account courtship and breeding patterns- Finches will never be able to breed successfully in small cages. The courtship and mating rituals of this bird involve lots of spaces and places to fly. If you plan to breed Finches, consider this before making your cage purchase.

    Prepare Good Cages for Finches

    Assuming you’ve taken the tips we mentioned above, then you would’ve go on to purchase the right kind of cage. However, prepping cages for finches does not end there. There are still a few things you need to do to get your cages for finches in excellent shape.

    1. Set up perches and swings inside the cage- Finches need areas to perch, and many have observed that they rather enjoy expending their energy by playing with the swings. Add these little elements into your cages for finches to keep your birds happy.
    2. Make sure that food and water containers are set up well- You need to check whether the food and water containers are stable inside the cage. Another thing you need to make sure of is that these containers are away fro the perches, as well as from the flying path of the finches.
    3. Line the bottom of the cage with newspaper- You need to do this so that something will catch the Finch’s fecal droppings. It will also be easier for you to clean the cages for finches when you do so.
    4. Finally, make sure you place the cage in a place that gets a good amount of sunlight.- Finches love the sun, so make sure that they get plenty of that on a daily basis. However, one thing you need to be careful of is that the cage isn’t placed in an area that is too hot that could compromise their health.

    Posted: February 9, 2013, 10:11 am


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