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Roller-coaster inside the mind of an extrovert!

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    By Aloysius
    The first time I was on a roller coaster ride was this very day 4 years ago, I had just come to Hong Kong. After I got off the ride, I thought I had seen enough in life to conclude that ride was analogous to the life I have lived. I was soooo wrong!!!!
    Every moment from there on have been defining. At that point in Oct 2012, I was almost going back to Chennai and jobless; then things flipped. Three years ago on this very day I spent meeting and celebrating me turning 24 with so many groups of friends like had never done before. Two years ago on this very day I became one of the most powerful student voices in HKU. From last year and until a few days ago; I was totally consumed by the fact that I have become such a failure after reaching such great heights. May be this is what people widely call mid-life crisis.. :P :P 
    My thoughts were going from bad to worse everyday and I have almost become a complete introvert or I think I have become. I wasn't sure why? 
    I think the reason behind this is, I got so carried away by the things I was doing in HKU that I lost track of why I started doing them in the first place. Now after the dust started settling down when I hardly have time to reach out; the passionate one within me is trying to grind me down. The mere thought that I have not been doing anything for the issues I care about makes me feel I am a failure. It wasn't until recently that I accepted the fact that life will never be the same every single day. It really not just that, I think a lot of us; the self proclaimed extroverts have this problem, when we aren't able to contribute to the issues and cannot voice as much as before we feel that we have lost our value. We sometimes think we were able to contribute just because of the positions we held but isn't it the other way around? We hold those positions or we get to those positions because we cared about certain things so much and so many people thought you are the right person to do this or that because you were passionate about it. 
    There is this simple thought from an old movie called 'It's a wonderful life', we are who we are not because of the positions we hold or the issues we care about; its because of the lives we probably changed forever. We care about certain problems around us because they affect the lives of so many people. Its hard to reckon that we changed lives but everything is a butterfly effect. We would have changed a lot of lives even without consciously trying to change them. The smile we spread, the optimism we share with people and our simple acts of kindness of just reaching out when you could have just stayed silent. I believe we extroverts sometimes get so bogged down because of the fact that we have the power to reach out to people and sometimes changed people's lives but unable to at one point or the other because of the situation. When our life goes down hill, its very hard to solve our problems by trying to fight the fall; I think its would be better to think of those blessing we have been to those 10s or 100s of people. The best solution will be to let go of the free fall for a few minutes and think about those amazing life changing conversations, those sleepless nights of planning something wonderful for random people or loved ones or those big smiles to Hi-bye friends which might have brighten their day. After-all life is a roller coaster ride, if there is rise, there will be fall; just hang on their with those wonderful blessings you have been to people around you and the passion that makes who we are; we will get through the fall to do even bigger things in life which we could not imagine being a part of today. 

    By: Crazy Aloysius
    Posted: October 12, 2016, 3:58 am


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