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The Update 6.86 for DOTA 2 games

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    By alenalbert

    You are quite active following the large community DOTA 2 in cyberspace, such as Reddit, for example, is certainly very understanding anticipation, hype, and little frustrations that arise await the latest update - 6.86 Valve has been promised since a few months ago. After stagnating for a long time with the current meta-hero, DOTA 2 it takes a more "refreshing". Moreover, the latest update is touted not only will bring a balancing adjustment for some heroes who continue to be used in the last update, but also the layout and the new hero. The fans craze after changelog released yesterday Valve surprisingly ended just wallpaper without content. Fortunately, the wait is finally over.

    As they promised during this time, 6.86 is going to be the source of a fresh atmosphere to the scene DOTA 2 at this time. Long changelog released today not just to introduce some content and a significant change, but it also provides more detail related to significant changes in skill iconic characters and of course, the presence of a myriad of new items to accommodate different game sensation.

    In terms of content, IceFrog finally bring the Arc Warden - one of two DOTA hero the last one finally arrived in DOTA 2! With the ultimate character who is able to create a clone itself with the capability of using this item a unique look through design that resembles Mysterio figure of Spiderman franchise. As they had promised before, Zeus - the god of thunder is also finally get a change of character models and of course - Arcana item that looks very cool. Not just change the visual character and skill, Arcana also offers an own effects, effects blink, and a different sound for Zeus.

    But in the end the biggest change of course teletak on the buff and nerf series of characters. There are some interesting things from this patch, including the significant skills and different updates to Doom, Rikimaru, Faceless Void, until Silencer is now reinforced with new skills which will offer a different approach. Addition effect Aghanim Carry Scepter for some heroes like Drow Ranger, Rikimaru and Shadow Fiend is also added here.

    Not only a hero, there are some items are also now added, the focus of which is intended to provide extra buff for characters range. There is an item called Dragon Lance giving effect to +130 Attack Range Hero character range, there Aether Lens are able to extend the range of spells, until Fearie Fire which can now be purchased at a low price for the extra Attack Damage. Changes "crazy" also occur in some standard items such as Iron Branch, which can now be planted into the ground to grow a tree for 20 seconds. Eat this tree with Tango? You will get the effect of HP regeneration better.

    In addition to finally add Desert Terrain for all gamers who had bought a DOTA 2 compendium The International 2015 yesterday, update 6.86 also turned out to change the layout of the map back. Now there is an extra camp offered near Secret Shop, with a good layout is also different in the Dire and Radiant. IceFrog also added a new Rune called Arcane Rune purple. This Rune will make the cooldown of all spells reduced by 30% and mana cost reduced by 50%.

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    0/5 (0 votes)