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One Piece: Burning Blood is confirmed for PC

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    By alenalbert

    The enthusiast draw manga / anime One Piece with the PC as the primary gaming platform seems to be happy. How could I not? Having had to deal with many series are released only "exclusive" to the console in the previous generation, the adventures of Luffy et al finally beginning to find solid footing in the PC. Namco Bandai as the owner of this franchise seems to be very aware that the potential of the PC market, which reached tens of millions of Steam was no longer something they can ignore. After Pirate Warriors 3, a new series that was announced some time ago to the console also finally confirmed for PC. Absolutely, we talked about Burning Blood!

    Developed by Spike Chunsoft, Burning Blood is a fighting game One Piece theme that will bring together iconic characters in the same arena. Details and a variety of screenshots has been divided, but for the first time confirmed that awaited PC gamer likes it finally arrived. Namco Bandai Latin America is "accidentally" ensure that One Piece: Burning Blood will fall also in the PC 2016, unfortunately without any extra detail. It will of course be happy news after what was achieved Pirate Warriors 3 on the PC.

    In addition to PC, One Piece: Burning Blood also will be launched for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and also PS Vita. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation about the exact release date or window for him than the certainty of 2016.

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    0/5 (0 votes)
    0/5 (0 votes)