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F.A.N.G, new enemy in Street Fighter V

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    By alenalbert


    Still less than two months before Capcom released Street Fighter V, but they have completed the initial 16 characters of information can you play when the game is upcoming February 16, 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. And the last confirmed member roster is new fighter (the fourth, and final) called FANG, or Great-FANG or equal in Japanese. Capcom announced in conjunction with the PlayStation Experience event in 2015 at the weekend. According to the producer Yoshinori Ono, F.A.N.G. a member of the Shadow Organization, and his fighting style is full of cunning tricks to knock out his opponent.

    The looks, F.A.N.G. described skinny, and tall. 2 meters, about 212 cm or 222 cm if calculated with hat. He was dressed in traditional Chinese qi pao. He felt himself the elite, and often demeaning others. He always put himself as the second most powerful figure in Shadaloo, and very loyal to M. Bison. It could be because he upholds the meaning of the dyad, as seen in the characters depicted in qi pao its meaning the number "2", she boasted if he'll finish off his opponent in just minutes, and is also supported by the overall height that reaches 222 cm when calculated with the hat he wore. As the holder of the second power Shadaloo, penchant FANG is doing experiments in the research facility Shadaloo. At first glance, FANG like Hsien-Ko appearance, another Capcom game characters, from the Darkstalkers series.

    F.A.N.G. a character who has a lot of cunning and guile. He also became the first character in the line Tenggah fighter Street Fighter V introduces new mechanical, poison the enemy. Representing name, FANG, derived from snake and spider stings. If the enemy is exposed to the poison they will continue to damage, with reduced life bar, until FANG successfully attacked back, or the effect is completely discharged. F.A.N.G. become a dangerous enemy to attack, let alone he can also attack from a distance, and so slippery movement, so difficult to attack this character.

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