Columbia/Urban League "Smile" Reviews: Table of Contents

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    The following reviews were written by Chicago high school students as part of Columbia College Chicago's Columbia Links journalism program. has partnered with the Chicago Urban League and Columbia Links to mentor these students and to give them a platform for their writing. Click on each of the writer's names to read the full review. Read more about the program here

    SMILE directed by Marquis Daisy

    Reviewed by MATTHEW REILLY

    Though some viewers—like myself—have never experienced the feelings of grief, remorse or sorrow over a death, "Smile" has made it apparent through the story of Lil Jean that when those days come, it won't be easy. Despite this grim reminder of the inevitable, the film shows us family is required to get through such times.

    Reviewed by BRANDON TOWNS

    The environment and condition of the neighborhood become evident during each interview with its residents. With great imagery, the audience can envision the struggling livelihood in the community as its residents are engulfed by violence.

    By: The Editors
    Posted: February 27, 2015, 6:16 pm


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