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The Holiness of Your Inner Being

    Christian Hill
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    By Christian Hill
    The Holiness of Your Inner Being

    November 12, 2012

    Julie Redstone

    Beloved Ones,

    This is the time of revelation, the time of the awakening of the new, of what has heretofore been invisible except to the eyes of the few. And what is awakening is the awareness of oneself as something more than the physical-mental-emotional being who acts and reacts upon the physical plane. What is awakening is a sense of the timeless within oneself, not as a full reality yet, but as a possibility. This timeless place within oneself is the eternal soul -- created long ago through Divine intention, reflecting a unique aspect of the holy Source of life and designed to express that holy Source in manifestation upon the physical plane.

    It is this perception of the timeless and universal One that is awakening, and as it does so, the heart begins to respond with a greater desire to love and a greater capacity to love, both brought about by the increased nearness of the conscious self to the soul. This awakening is not produced by human will, nor is it produced by the longing to awaken, though this contributes in some measure to the speed at which unfoldment can take place. Beyond all else, it is the transformation of the physical and energy bodies of the Earth and the simultaneous transformation of the physical and energy bodies of each human being that is making possible further realization of truth through the increased light that these bodies are already capable of holding.

    There are many for whom this shift is not yet apparent, who are still feeling primarily the effects of challenges, deprivations, and unmet needs on the physical plane. And for these, the challenges of survival are still retaining the central position in consciousness, even as the physical being is challenged to find a means to institute the continuation of life. Yet even for these souls who are facing great challenges, the choices that are open now with which to view these challenges have become broader and more light-filled. The possibilities for viewing life-events from a higher perspective, however small that perspective might be in its application, is more real and present. And so even for these souls who are suffering, there is a greater possibility of comfort coming from within -- from their eternal soul that has more access to the conscious self than ever before.

    The holy inner being of each living being has always been present. It has never not been present. But the capacity to know, to feel, and to integrate it into one's ongoing daily life has been severely limited by the relative absence of light on the physical plane and within the body. Now, that deficit is being replaced by the greater enlargement of light within the cells of the body of every living thing. And as the cells increase in their capacity to hold light, so, too, do individual souls come to expand their sense of the possible -- of what they may be, of what they may become, and of how they may face the challenges of life.

    What is important for each one to know as this shift continues, is that emotions may run high in response to outer events. There may be a sense of turmoil, or confusion, or anxiety about events on the physical plane. Nevertheless, the place to turn within calls to each one to reach to it, to anchor in it, and to give it credence as the deepest reality of life on the physical plane. This turning toward one's holy inner being is the calm in the midst of a storm. It is hope and love in the presence of unknown challenges. It is the confidence and safety of knowing that one is eternally held in the arms of God and of God's love. In this turning lies the future for all of mankind, and in this turning lies the shift of awareness that will bring that future into being.

    All blessings to you.


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