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Xbox VR headset to reveal at E3 2015 claim sources

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    It sounds like Oculus Rift has another competitorIt sounds like Oculus Rift has another competitor

    Prototypes of Microsoft’s new virtual reality helmet have already been sent to developers claim insiders, as a summer unveiling is predicted.

    Three separate reports all claim the same thing: Microsoft has a VR headset in development and it’s far enough along that developers already have prototype versions to work with.

    Unnamed sources speaking to both TechRadar and VR Focus suggest that Microsoft wants to get a sizeable line-up of software titles ready before showing off the new tech at E3 in June.

    It’s not clear whether this means actual retail games or simply tech demos, but it’s probably the latter given how far away any consumer version of the headset probably is.

    Website DigiTimes also backs up the story, citing sources from ‘the upstream supply chain’, i.e. the companies making the individual components used in the device.

    Interestingly the same sources seem to confirm that the VR project is separate to the Google Glass style AR device that Microsoft had previously been rumoured to be working on.

    Supposedly codenamed Fortaleza, the glasses were originally designed to work in conjunction with Kinect and rumours of the project go back several years.

    Rumours of a more traditional VR headset only started circulating this year, at around the same time Sony unveiled their Project Morpheus device.

    This patent is all we've seen of Microsoft's AR plans so farThis patent is all we’ve seen of Microsoft’s AR plans so far

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    By: davidjenkins2012
    Posted: December 23, 2014, 1:20 pm


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