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Establishing New Lines of Light on the Earth

Establishing New Lines of Light on the Earth

Dearest Beloveds,

A new and holy vibration of the highest light of God is being established on the physical planes of the Earth. This is a significant step in the holy birth of light that is happening for the Earth in all dimensions and all realms of physical manifestation of the Earth.

The ground itself, the rocks, trees, plants and animals of the Earth are all being moved into a higher vibration of light. The energetic pathways from the previous cycle are being transformed, and so it is a time of profound and challenging upheaval for all embodied beings on the planet.

The cosmic interrelationships and connections between all beings on the Earth are being transformed, and moved into their higher dimensional counterparts. For some, this process is seeing the ending of previous cycles of life or relationship, or the beginning of new cycles.

For the Earth herself, the energetic and physical lines of light and relationship between beings, within the ecosystem and the multidimensional planetary sphere are all being recalibrated and transformed into their higher dimensional counterparts.

The relationship of humanity to the Earth and her planetary consciousness is beginning to awaken, and with that awakening will come even more profound levels of spiritual transformation. What is above in the higher dimensions of light is now being established below on the physical dimensions of Earth.

There are energies from the previous cycle that benefited from the separated consciousness that humanity has lived in for eons, and that grow in the presence of fear, anger and negativity. These are creating disruptive energy patterns that attempt to interfere with the establishment of God's light on the Earth.

God's light is stronger than these energies, and can be invoked in prayer to guide your way through all situations of impasse where there are situations that appear to be hopeless and without a discernable way through.

Disruptive energies can affect your consciousness and emotions, and also situations where light is being more firmly established on the Earth. The prayers that can be most useful in these situations calls upon the highest light to transform all interfering energies.

The following prayer can be helpful in these situations:

May the light of the Christ be with me, dispelling all darkness.


May the highest light of God be with me, dispelling all darkness.

God's light provides a secure and solid foundation of truth during these times of transformation, when the very fabric of physically manifested life is changing. You are created in God's holy image as a divine being of light. Know yourself to be that, and all that your heart desires will be made manifest for you.

The Calendar of Discovery can be an aid in this process of discovering your holy and divine origins in God's sacred world. We bless you and wish you light, peace and strength in God's love. With all love and blessings, Amen.



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