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    Meril Jeffery John.J
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    By Meril Jeffery John.J

    'Really the Atheist hates a holy God that holds him accountable for his lifestyle and actions! They mock a GOD 'they say' does not exist! But He will not be mocked and they will stand before Him at the Great White Throne Judgment! Unbelief is a wicked awful sin! Proverbs 14:1 says that the fool says in his heart there is no God.'

    1. The fool does not want there to be a holy God to answer to!

    2. Therefore the fool denies God's existence so he can live in his sin!

    3. It is irrational to deny that God exists because that would be claiming 'Omniscience' which means the fool has all knowledge of everything and can therefore prove his point. This would be a ridiculous claim.

    4.It would be claiming 'Omnipresence' which says, ‘I am present in all places at the same time and have found that there is no God. ‘The fool is sinful and very limited in his knowledge and can be only at one place at one time.

    5. The fool is a person who lives as if there is no God. They reject God's revelation ,for they reject what the Bible says about God. They despise His holy moral commandments because they love sin!

    6. The fool rejects God's definition of right and wrong!                                                                                 Psalm 14:1 God calls the fool corrupt and that they do abominable things and that they do not seek after to God. Atheism is linked to living a very corrupt life!

    7. Proverbs 18:2 ’A fool hath no delight in understanding."

    8. Proverbs 12:15 'The way of the fool is right in his own eyes. ‘The Atheist will not surrender to the Lord no matter how much evidence he has that points directly to his Creator. It’s not an evidence issue but an issue that the Atheist hates God and will not repent of his sin.

    Brother David Cooke

    Meril Jeffery John.J

    Meril Jeffery John.J

    If This is God's Will then no man can Fight it


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    0/5 (0 votes)